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Welcome to Exe Consulting!


Our goal is to provide Exeter University Students with an exciting platform where they can gain first hand industry experience by helping an array of different organisations to solve key strategic challenges. 


We believe that Exe Consulting has identified an opportunity: by leveraging the untapped talent that resides in the University to help local non-profit organisations improve and continue the development of their business. This ranges from strategic roadmaps to talent management and more day to day management or operational problems. Close collaboration of students and non-profits allows for knowledge transfer in both directions while producing meaningful insights that add tangible value to our clients. 

Our Key Values:

  • Collaborate transparently: we set clear aims and expectations.

  • Provide high quality solutions: we tailor each approach to the needs of the client.

  • Trust: we operate with confidentiality and integrity at all times.

  • Passion: we are driven by the desire to help good causes. 


The students on our team pride themselves on being:

  • Hardworking: students who are conscientious and dedicated to the case.

  • Forward thinking: students who identify todays needs and anticipate tomorrows challenges..

  • Problem-solvers: Students who think outside of the box and challenge existing ideas.

  • Collaborative: students who work well within a team.

''During my time at Exeter University, I was aware of the lack of consulting opportunities available for students. I was also keen to use my skills to support the third sector; leading to the idea for Exe Consulting.


Exe Consulting aims to bring students and non-profit organisations together. We offer fresh insight through the eyes of talented and focused students. By supporting organisations to address their strategic challenges, students have the opportunity to gain first-hand industry experience.

Exe Consulting will be a legacy for future Exeter students and I am confident that it will go from strength to strength.''

    - Annabel Stanford, Founder, Exe Consulting, BSc (Hons) Business and Management with Spanish

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